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Have you wondered how Facebook ads can help you succeed in your photography business? Many photographers have heard that Facebook ads are a waste of money and are afraid to give a shot to this type of advertising.  Here are a few reasons I think you should give Facebook ads a chance to help you succeed in your photography business.

Facebook ads, photography business

  1. Facebook post visibility ~ You may have already noticed or heard that Facebook page posts are following an algorithm that will only allow a small percentage of your fans to see your posts organically.  This means that it is much harder to get your posts into the feeds of your fans than it used to be and you need to do something about it to reach your fans. You can work really hard and consistent on your page or you can pay a small fee to place an ad.
  2. Build up your client list quickly ~ This is a much faster way to spend a small amount of money and to find your client list growing and paying clients who can help offset the cost of the Facebook ads. In business you can spend two things to get a job done – it’s time or money.
  3. You can target your specific audience ~  When you create a Facebook ad you can target a list of things such as local area, age range of fans, gender, and then you can get more specific with interest of the specific fans. For example, you can target people who have life events such as newlywed, pregnancy, or new mom.  Additionally, you can target people who like the local Facebook pages such as family places like the zoo or stores like Toys R Us or Gymboree, etc. That way, you can input facts about your target market and target people who follow those specific things on Facebook. You can also target your own fans to drive them to a special offer.
  4. The ROI (return on investment) is totally worth it even if you book just one client.  You can set your ad to run for a certain amount each day like $5 or $10 a day for a specific time frame.  If you book one full session and only spend $25 – I would say that is great! Just think – photographers and all business owners used to HAVE to pay for advertising.  You can spend a lot of time on Free advertising or you can pay a small amount of $$ and make it worth your time.
  5. Finally, if you already have a Facebook page and you have earned a lot of fans (likes) over time, you can actually target people that HAVE already liked your page.  This cuts right to the people that already have an interest in your business and may have used your services before.

See!? So many ways to make Facebook ads work for you and your photography business!  The last thing I want to say about Facebook ads for your photography business is this – make sure you are directing them to a specific call to action that you can eventually bring them onto your paying client list.  If you ask for Facebook “likes” in the ad, you may never see them again unless you run another ad.  I would suggest sending them to your photography website and inviting them to join your email list.  You could send them around your website or to your contact page if you are booking something like mini-sessions. Just make sure you capture them as a future contact!

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