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The top 5 reasons you should have a Facebook Group for your photography business? I know, I know, you are thinking to yourself, “No way! I don’t have time to start a Facebook Group! I have so much to do and with clients, and editing, and marketing…”.

Well, I am here to tell you this could be one of the most powerful tools within your marketing plan that will take your photography business to new levels – so Please! Just hear me out.

I have been running Facebook groups for several years in different areas of my life and business and I have never seen them as popular as they are right now! Did you know that there are over 1 Billion people using Facebook Groups?

Facebook is pushing group posts out into the newsfeed more than ever before – and especially more than Facebook Page Posts (I am sure you knew that with your 3% of fans that see your posts right?) There is now an app dedicated to Facebook groups -which I love by the way- so you can go into your groups without getting lost down the rabbit-hole of your personal Facebook page.

So, other than the overall status of Facebook groups in general, there are some reasons specific to your photography business that might just change your mind about this and have you ready to start up your own group! Here are my top 5 reasons you should have a Facebook Group for your photography business.

  1. Go where your clients are ~ There is no denying that Facebook is still the number one social media platform out there even with all the new up and coming apps, Facebook has deep roots with your target clients.  This is where they are interacting with friends, Grandma, Mom, sharing photos of their kids and keeping up with long lost connections.  This is where you will find your clients and groups are an amazing way to build relationships.
  2. Build that know-like-trust, factor ~ If you can gather your clients and potential clients in a fun, interactive setting like a Facebook Group with YOU as the leader, you will most certainly build “know-like-trust” within your clients mind.  They will see you for who you are and put you in a place of authority within your industry.  You can position yourself as a knowledgable photographer and someone who is willing to put some time and effort into building relationships.  Why would they look anywhere else?
  3. Building a Community ~ People crave a sense of community. People want to connect with others and to feel like they belong to a group of like-minded friends who they can exchange ideas, thought and stories with.  Often times people are relying on their relationship within Facebook groups to help them feel connected to others.  You can be the person that provides them with that community and that will put you in a place where they appreciate you and think of you in a positive light (not to mention just keeping you top of mind).
  4. You will know what they are up to ~ It’s okay, you can admit it, you have stalked clients and new connections on Facebook right? Well, what better way to learn about your target audience than to collect them in a group and find out what they are up to? You can ask them to post images, ask them where they like to eat, what parks they enjoy, where do they like to shop, etc. and you will instantly be able to serve them better by gaining knowledge about what they like and don’t like.
  5. Finally, it’s direct advertising ~  Yes! You will be able to post your information about your business right there in the group without giving it a second thought and you will be able to reach your target clients in the palm of your hand.

Okay – I just want to follow up number 5 with a little more information about advertising within your photography group.  Please keep in mind that in order to have a Facebook Group for your photography business, you need to do this the right way! If you plan on opening a group and only posting your sales and sneak peeks, you can bet you won’t have much engagement.  There needs to be a solid plan in place for running a Facebook Group for your photography clients and one that involves the things people LOVE about Facebook Groups.

Some things I would suggest posting about are: humor, quotes, asking them to post images of their family, behind the scenes, hosting a giveaway, and other creative ideas.



Okay, that about wraps it up.  Once you create your Facebook Group, feel free to share your group in the Confident Photographers Facebook Group and get some feedback.  Let’s get started!