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Well, you’ve avoided it long enough right? Now you have to face the facts. You, as a photographer, NEED to be in Instagram.  I know, another platform. More work. More things on your list. But, seriously, if you are a photographer, let me help you understand why you need to be on Instagram too.

Instagram has over 200 million users and is a rapidly growing photo-based social media platform. (Did you read that? PHOTO-BASED SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM)


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So, let’s start with the obvious…

  1. Instagram is a photo-based social media platform.  Tada! A platform based on your exact profession.  No 500 word blog post.  No links to other things really. Just photos to help you reach the world with your art. A place to display your photography in a really pretty gallery that you can update on a daily basis right from your phone. What more could you ask for? I love this first reason because it is actually often overlooked by professional photographers who aren’t even sure if they should have a personal page or a professional page. Or they have a professional page, but are only sharing iPhone pics of their kids, family, food and daily activities. Let me clarify this for you right now… This is where you share your professional work.  Yes, you can mix in some personal and iPhone pics, but really you should be sharing your professional quality work.
  2. Instagram does not require a lot of writing. Many people on Instagram (IG), photographers included, will treat IG like a mini-blog.  Writing full paragraphs and connecting with their audience through text, stories, and sharing content.  I believe, however, that you do not have to include a lot of text to have a successful IG account.  You can also post photos with a shorter caption or quote and receive a lot of engagement.
  3. You can tag your clients. Many photographers have become frustrated with Facebook over the years and how difficult it has become to tag your clients on that platform.  On IG, you are able to tag your clients and share your work with your clients’ followers. They can also repost/share what you have posted when you tag them so you can gain more exposure that way too!
  4. Your clients are on Instagram! With over 200 million users on IG and that number growing every day, you will find your clients on Instagram and be able to interact with them. Instagram used to be a “younger” platform, but the youth have moved on to Snapchat! Instagram is now for the full grown adult these days and that includes your clients! If you are only targeting clients on Facebook, you are missing a huge percentage of people that have moved on from Facebook and over to Instagram!
  5. You are searchable through hashtags. It can be confusing to understand how hashtags work exactly, but once you understand the concept and start to use them, they really do work! Think of it this way. A hashtag is like a Google Search without spaces.  So when you want to find a pizza place near you in Chicago, you might Google pizza in Chicago.  If you were to search on Instagram with a hashtag you could type in #pizzachicago and every image with that hashtag will come up.  SOOOO, if someone wants a family photographer in Chicago, they could search for #chicagofamilyphotographer and any photographer using that hashtag will come up too! Pretty easy right?

Why Photographers NEED to be on Instagram

Okay, so are you convinced? Are you feeling instantly overwhelmed? Or already discouraged because you have tried Instagram before and not gained any traction?

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