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Let me make one thing clear: if you want people to take you seriously as a photographer, you must have your own website. As a photographer and business owner, you need a place to call your own, a home base where people can browse your portfolio, fall in love with your style, and contact you easily.   Why can’t someone do this by looking at your social media accounts? Well, how often are you frustrated with the changes these third parties make to their free apps? That should be a red flag right there – you don’t own that real estate,so you have very little control over what happens to your account and information. Social media can’t act as a substitute for a web page. Those accounts should be supplementary to your professional site.

8 Reasons Why Every Photographer Needs a Website 

Every portrait photographer should have their own website. Period.  Let me tell you more about why this is so important to the success and longevity of your business.

  1. With your own website, you have control over design and presentation.  Having your own photography website is like having your own little store.  You need to own this online space so you can be in charge of the overall look, feel, and brand for your photography business.  This is where you can really customize your message, choose exactly which images that you want to showcase, and display your personal touches to potential clients.  This is truly your space.
  2. With your own website,  you have control over your information.  When you have your own photography website, you are able to decide what you want potential clients to see. On your homepage, you can prominently display specials or packages.  If you are trying to book more newborn clients, you can highlight the newborn sections of your portfolio. .  If you are using Facebook to connect with your clients, you don’t get to decide: Facebook decides what is most important about your business. Talk about frustrating!

  3. When you have your own website, you are able to change and update anything at any time. It is so important to have control over what you are showing the world and when you are able to change or update information.  You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you have to wait 24 hours to update critical information.

  4. A website acts as  a home base. All of your social media accounts, marketing materials, and business cards should lead potential customers back to your website.  This is your home base where all the arrows should point.  This is where people can directly contact you, where your best work is displayed, and where they can begin the process of learning about you and what services you offer.  (Read more about Instagram and Facebook Groups for you photography business.)

  5. Your website is where you will collect emails. Your website is also where you are able to collect emails and gather information about your potential clients.  In the next few blog posts, I will be teaching you about how to create and use a mailing list  to stay in touch with potential clients after they have visited  your website.   Your social media likes, followers, friends and connections can be taken away at any time, but you own your website and your email list. 

  6. A website is where you can demonstrate your value.  Your website should be used as a gentle selling tool.  This is where you really connect with your clients and prove that you are an outstanding artist and business person that they will enjoy working with. Your website should have some personality and give clients a taste of who you are and how you work. This is what creates intrigue and grows a client list, and a website is the only way to truly express this without meeting someone in person. .

  7. Your website  is how people will find you.  Your Facebook page and Instagram are not likely to come up in a Google search.  So, if a potential client types into Google, “[your city] photographer,” are they going to see your name? Yes, if you have a properly set up website!  You need to become visible in a search engine if you want to reach the general public, and the best way to do that is with a professional photography site.

  8. A website launches you out of the “friends and family” circle.. Do you ever feel like you have a hard time breaking out to “strangers”? As in,people you have never met before that want to hire you? Having a website and showing up on a Google search is the way to do this.  Yes, it’s possible via Instagram, but much more likely with a website that boosts your professional appearance and reputation.

Not sure how to move forward with creating a photography website? Come back next week for my second post on this topic.  I will be teaching you all about the important elements of a photography website.  Sign up for my weekly email so you don’t miss out on that post, or any others!

Reasons Why Every Photographer Needs a Website